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Hammer Time
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i've smoke a lot of grass in my day. When i started we had to get a bag from some dude, on a 4th floor walk-up in the Bronx, NYC, that may or may not be ingestable but that's was the best deal. But now that we can shop and be picky there's no need to look any further. This is the best grass I may have ever smoked. But it not only smokes great it looks great. Pretty grass is often good grass. I'm getting mine at Supergood in Pentwater.
Anthony Moore
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I recently visited my home state of Michigan which I do several times a year. Ive tried about 1/2 of your flower over the last couple years. Its been quite superb. Recently I picked up several top brands like seed junky, local grove, ect… I was able to get juicy j from Michigander fire as well. Anyway, they were all harvested within a month of one another. They were all really good but quite dry. Except yours ..Eventhough the juicy j was the same age it was sticky and beautiful. Ive been a consumer for a long time. And I just wanted to reach out to say that you guys are amazing. Truly some of the best Ive had. Also the flint tropics was amazing. Hard to find for me though.. Now if I don't see MI Fire on the menu Im not bothering to shop Anyway thank you for doing cannabis the right way. Ive sang your praise to all my friends. You guys truly care about what you do and it shows.. thank you!
Erik Peden
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The taste is out of this world and I'm talking from start to finish of a j and it was delicious all the way thru only flower I've been blazing is Michigander Fire hard to smoke another brand once you've tried this. It's a little pricey but we're talking the Bugatti of flower without being infused!
Mitchell Vanderburg
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Only company who I see striving to differentiate themselves from the rest. I’ve been impressed with everything MichiganderFire has put out so far and can’t wait to see what’s in store for this organization next. Amazing Work!
Kurt Blevins
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Best smoke around! Sweet merch and great people! Best brand in Michigan hands down.

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