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Family Owned & Operated





Growing Craft Cannabis

Michigander Fire aims to supply the highest quality craft cannabis to the growing Michigan market. We bring with us years of knowledge and experience growing a wide variety of cultivars based on the latest trends in the cannabis world. We will utilize the most up to date technologies and hands on care, to provide the plants with the best environment possible, ensuring that the plants reach their full potential.


A Family Owned & Operated Business

Michigander Fire was founded on a deep passion for quality, and a commitment to growing top-of-the-line craft cannabis without cutting corners. Founders and family members, Tim Scott and Tyler Dunlap have worked wholeheartedly to bring this well-known caregiver brand (since 2011) into the legal cannabis space.


Dedication to Quality

Michigander Fire understands that in order to grow top-tier craft cannabis, the plants need quality and consistent care. Our dedication to quality is unmatched, and our deeply rooted love for cannabis shows in every strain we produce.

Zalympix Michigan

Back to Back Zalympix Champions

In Zalympix 2022, Michigander Fire won Best Terps with our Red Runtz Flower!


In Zalympix 2023, Michigander Fire won 2 trophies with our Red Runtz Flower! Placing 3rd for Best Terps, and for Best Tasting.

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