Family Owned & Operated

Back Story
  • Caregiver Roots (since 2011)
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Small Batch Craft Cannabis
  • Zalympix Champion
Leading Edge of Grow Technology
  • We are Constantly Seeking to Improve our Methods and Care for the Plants.
  • We Utilize the latest in Indoor Grow Technology.
  • Environment Monitoring on Multiple Variables.
  • The Latest in Lighting Technology & Spectrum Control
  • CO2 Enrichment
  • Runoff Monitoring
Hands on Plant Care
  • Crops are monitored by Tech as well as by Eye.
  • Our Plants are not Lonely. We spend a lot of Time together often Listening to Music While we are Hard at Work.
  • Hand on the Plants for Various Reasons Throughout the Plant life Cycle.
    • Including (but not limited to): Trellis Support, Topping, De-Leafing, Skirting, ect.
Hand Watering
  • Plants are Intently Monitored, Fed, and Watered to their specific Needs.
  • Hand Mixed Nutrients 
  • Direct Injected Waterings & Nutrition, Supported by Hand Watering Where Needed.
Hand Trimmed
  • All Packaged Flower is Hand Trimmed.
  • No Machine Sorting or Machine Trimming Beating up your Buds.
  • Hands on Craft Cannabis.
Carefully Cured & Fresh Packed to Order
  • Every Touch Point is Critical to the Flowers End Quality.
  • Stalks are Carefully Harvested and Hung for Curing.
  • Product is Cured to Optimal Moisture Content as well as Taste.
  • Buds Are Carefully Trimmed and Handled Delicately.
Hand Selected Buds
  • We Hand Select Every Bud packaged in our Michigander Fire Eighths.
  • Ensuring Quality, Weight, and Bag Appeal.
All Flower, Fresh Ground, Hand Finished Pre-Rolls
  • We Strive to Keep our Pre-Rolls the Best on the Market.
  • All Flower Pre-Rolls – We Utilize all Smalls Flower, with any Leaf, Trim, Stem Material Filtered out.
  • Each Pre-Roll is Hand Finished & Packaged Fresh for Quality Assurance.
Pheno Hunts
  • Exclusive & Exotic Seeds
  • Hundreds of seeds popped each year
  • Professional & Detail Orientated Selection
  • 30-40 Strains Rotating Seasonally

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