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Stank Breath

When opening a Pre-Roll of our Stank Breath is prepared for the rancid stench that will fill the entire room. This pheno lives up to its name with its foul smell & taste. It’s a smell you love and hate. The flavor has dank overtones, accented by a hit of spicy black pepper and earthy herbs. This Indica-dominant hybrid will have you feeling happy and euphoric after just the first hit. Soon thereafter it’ll soak into your entire body and you will be completely at ease. As a body high takes over you will feel a total sense of relaxation that’ll have you ready for bed. This heavy-hitting strain is guaranteed to arouse your senses and have you feeling mellow.

Red Runtz

Detroit is the home to many greats, and the very berry Red Pop is one of them. Distinct in taste and aroma, giving a definition to the flavor red, you can’t mistake it. This Red Runtz strain is packed full of fruity terps that can bring a Michigander back to when they enjoyed drinking that fizzy, strawberry, cherry, and red raspberry pop for the first time. Unique and memorable, combining the highly complimented Red Pop and Runtz strains made her quickly become a sought out, but hard to find favorite for the straight fruit flavor chasers. Perfect for those who enjoy the hard hitting effects of the strong pain killing indicas, the Red Runtz has embodied the heart of the Motor City for adults everywhere to chill and hang out with.

Rainbow Runtz 2

When looking for a strain you can enjoy any time of day, with timeless results, Rainbow Runtz is a perfect match. While taking away any kind of ailment, you’ll be able to happily achieve any task with focus and an imaginative mindset. Within Rainbow Chip and Runtz is a fantastic rainbow of sweet and sour berries with tropical fruit accents that will transform the taste buds to feel like they just ate some laffy taffy with the sprinkles on top, instead of partaking in some magical cannabis genetics. The magic happens when within the genes are some current sought after and ageless more distinguished genetics, like Sherbert and Thin Mint Cookie, that still embraces all that the cannabis communities have come to love and appreciate from the effects and flavors that Bob Marley must have been inspired by when he sang about being a rainbow when the morning gathers.

Rainbow Runtz 6

Rainbow Runtz 6 is a cross between Rainbow Chip and Runtz, bred by Exotic Genetics. The runtz gene triumphs over the rainbow chip for a heavy on the gas take over. The sweet taste of thin mint cookies along with hints of red and blackberries breakthrough on the smooth exhale and will leave a runtz lover more than satisfied. Highly relaxing, it is best for after work activities, while still able to battle any kind of ailment or chronic pain. Being so high in potency and terpenes, even the most experienced connoisseur will find themselves floating on top of the rainbow.

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Nothing is better after a long, hot summer day than a refreshing bowl of cold ice cream to wind down with in the evening. The Lemon Cherry Gelato is all that in a perfect frosty nug. With all kinds of fruity strains in the crossing of Gelato 33 and Zkittlez, the flavor and aroma is that of a lemon, cherry, fruity ice cream cone covered in a candy shell, breezing in the blissful vibe of the ease and joy of summer nights. Relaxes the mind and body; relieving stress and anxiety, to help deal with pain and aches to give away to a happy chill soul. For those wanting to enjoy the fun and warmth of summer all year round, this Lemon Cherry Gelato is the choice for all creatures of comfort.


No other strain deserves it’s name more than Slapz. Cause it does exactly that, slaps you right in the face and into the couch. Not for novice smokers, for it’s potency and hardcore parents, that gave this strong Indica the worth of it’s name. Grease Monkey and Runtz being mated has created an exceptional genealogy. Straight gas, pine and skunky dank not only slaps you in the taste buds but straight through your body and mind. Great for insomniacs and those that struggle to sleep through the night. This strain is new to the streets, but it’s beating out all of the other’s with the genius of it’s crossing to create one of the most slapping of strains.

Apple Mac

This invigorating strain is a highly sought-after cross of MAC and Trophy Wife, which is why it’s no contest when looking for a euphoric hybrid. The bright buds are coated in a sparkling white frost and ooze with fresh, uplifting terpenes. The green apple taste that explodes to your senses is crisp and sour, leaving a refreshing flavor that lingers on your palate. A perfect strain for those looking for extra creativity or a mood boost!

Kush Mintz

This heavy-hitting hybrid combines Animals Mints with Bubba Kush, two classics are known for their kick. The first whiff will take you to a place in the forest where fresh pine trees, oozing with sap, are in full abundance. Just as breathing in fresh forest air does, the bold peppery taste cools into a refreshing sweet mint flavor. Not only will it leave your palette feeling refreshed, but will put your mind and body at ease, sinking you into a deep state of relaxation.


A classic, this strain is a famous cross of Alien Cookies F2 and Miracle 15. Beloved for its bright and rejuvenating effects, this hybrid truly embodies the definition of balance. At first glance, Its beautifully bright and milky nugs beg you to roll up, unleashing the herbaceous and botanical fragrances as it breaks down in your fingers. On inhalation, notes of juniper and lilies coat your mouth, leaving a fresh and sweet aftertaste to linger on your tongue.

Marshmallow OG

Marshmallow OG is a creamy and gassy flavor accented by nutty honey and a touch of fruitiness.

Sherb Cake

An aromatic bombshell that will invigorate your senses with one smell. Bright and zesty notes of citrus dominate the aroma, with subtle hints of mulberry appearing near the end. This hybrid cross of Sunset Sherbet and Ice Cream Cake marry beautifully into an uplifting strain that will leave you feeling inspiring and creative!

Sunset Sherbet

This prodigy child is a cross of the GSC and Pink Panties, strains both renowned for their bold flavors. As expected, the depth of flavor in this strain honors the legacy producing a wildly complex profile. Rich and earthy initially, the aroma transforms into a pungent sweet skunky odor and finishes with a decadent dessert-like smoothness. Like a true jack of all trades, this strain offers a balanced effect and is sure to enhance any situation it’s thrown into.

White Truffle

The White Truffle strain is almost as elusive as the food itself, with a flavor profile equally as unique. The rare strain is a Gorilla Butter phenotype that produces buds with heavy trichome production leading to an incredibly strong aroma. This deliciously funky strain smells earthy with a slight must, followed by sharp garlic notes. The deep and robust flavors coat the throat with savory notes while finishing with a distinct sweetness. The heaviness of this strain lends to trance-like states of euphoria and bliss, where the feelings of your body are no longer relevant.


Petro Chem is a cross between Gorilla Glue and the mysterious strain, Moonbow #75. The resin-coated buds reek of gas and fresh pine with a hint of sweetness. The taste mimics the aroma with strong gassy flavors dominating the experience, followed by notes of fresh pine and black pepper. This balanced hybrid offers relaxation in motion where the initial effects are felt in your temples and behind your eyes, making this a perfect strain to help thoughts to slow down and to induce mental relaxation without feeling glued to the couch. These effects represent the best of both worlds from each parent strain.


ChemBow is a heavy-hitting hybrid born from the renowned, Zkittles and Moonbow #75. The pleasantly pungent aroma that fills the air is slightly skunky, then transforms into rich, full-bodied fruit notes. The bold flavors quickly mellow into a creamy, herbaceous taste that makes for an incredibly smooth experience that will leave your body feeling relaxed, your appetite stimulated, and your worries at ease. A perfect strain to wind down with and relax.